Our Network

The Haitian Ladies Network ™ is the largest global platform connecting more than 60,000 women and girls of Haitian descent from across the U.S., Haiti, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. Based in Washington, DC, the Haitian Ladies Network ™ is a powerful professional and social network led by a ten-member steering committee.


Inspire every girl and woman of Haitian descent to achieve her life goals and lead in her community. Convene and create space for professional networking and inter-generational engagement for Haitian Ladies ages 13 to 100+ . Facilitate meaningful collaboration with women in Haiti.


To create the largest global platform connecting women of Haitian descent to build community, share inspiration and celebrate culture.


The Haitian Ladies Network ™ Weeknd is an annual, sold out event where more than 600 professional female leaders convene and engage with carefully curated brands and a program filled with esteemed speakers of Haitian descent. Our Network is continually cultivating a community of women igniting their power.

Steering committee

A D Rachel

Ariel Dominique

Karen Andre

Kysseline Jean-Mary Chérestal

Nadine Duplessy Kearns

Nashley Harrigan

Phara Georges Rodrigue

Syncia Sabain

Thamar Harrigan

Theola DeBose

“We have run statewide and national political campaigns, led non-profit operations, advised and crafted global policy, managed million- dollar projects and, notably, we are former US presidential appointees, heads of record labels to Grammy award-winning artists and have helped curate art and culture at public institutions including the Embassy of Haiti. Our experiences mirror that of the members of the network.”

Haitan Ladies Weekend