HLN Steering Committee 

We have run statewide and national political campaigns, led non-profit operations, advised and crafted global policy, and managed million- dollar projects. Notably, we are former Presidential Appointees, heads of record labels to Grammy award-winning artists and have helped curate art and culture at public institutions including the Embassy of Haiti. Our experiences mirror that of the members of the network.     

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Karen Andre

External & Cultural Affairs and Communications Committees

Nadine Headshot - Nadine Duplessy Kearns

Nadine Duplessy Kearns

Steering Committee Chair

IMG_2650 - Thamar Harrigan.JPG

Thamar Harrigan

Communications Committee

Syncia Sabain - Dr. Syncia Sabain.jpeg

Syncia Sabain

Logistics Committee

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Theola DeBose 

Communications Committee

Headshot_Phara Rodrigue - Phara Georges

Phara Georges Rodrigue

Program Committee


Kysseline Jean-Mary Chérestal

Logistics Committee

Cleve Mesidor Headhsot - Cleve Mesidor.j

Cleve Mesidor

Haitian Ladies Brunch 

Host Committee 2012 -2016


Ariel Dominique

External & Cultural Affairs and Sponsorship Committees

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Nashley Harrigan

Communications & Finance Committee

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A D Rachel Pierre       

Program Committee


Fendy Mesy

Steering Committee Emerita