Helping Haiti in 2023

Although Haiti is frequently referred to as the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, the small island is full of history and potential. Haiti has experienced political unrest, natural calamities, and economic hardships for a variety of reasons. Despite these obstacles, there are lots of ways that in 2023 we can support Haiti.

Supporting Haitian companies

Supporting Haitian businesses is one method to assist the country.

Donate to trustworthy organizations

Numerous nonprofit organizations are attempting to raise the quality of life for Haitians. These groups offer essential services like access to clean water, education, and healthcare. We can aid in their efforts to better the lives of people in Haiti by making donations to these charity.

Help Haiti by supporting its companies.

This is one method to aid Haiti. This may entail making purchases of locally produced goods or making investments in Haitian companies. By doing this, we can encourage the economy of Haiti and give its citizens jobs.


Giving of your time and talents is another way to support Haiti. Numerous groups are in need of volunteers to assist with a variety of tasks in Haiti. There are various ways to get engaged and change the world, from working in hospitals to teaching in schools to helping with construction projects.

Promote change

We can also assist Haiti by promoting more extensive change. Speaking up about issues impacting Haiti, such as corruption or limited access to education, is one way to do this. We can exert pressure on governments and groups to act and bring about positive changes for the Haitian people by increasing awareness of these problems.

Become informed

Finally, learning more about Haiti and its problems is one of the finest things we can do to aid. By understanding more about Haiti, we can more effectively comprehend the underlying reasons of the issues the country is experiencing.

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As Americans of Haitian descent and daughters of Haiti, the Haitian Ladies NetworkⓇ denounces the intense campaign waged against former Harvard University President Dr. Claudine Gay, aimed at dismantling open access and opportunity for all. We are proud of Dr. Gay who handled it with courage, dignity and compassion.

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September 27, 2023

Lekòl, Legliz, Lakay: An analysis of Haitian values

Lekòl, legliz, lakay is a dogma that has been instilled in Haitian children from a young age. When translated into English, the three words mean school, church and home. These three words also represent the values that Haitians regard as the most important: education, faith, and family. As society continues to evolve, these values have started to conflict with the values of gen-z Haitian-Americans.

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February 7, 2023

US Sponsorship Program Zoom Webinar Follow Up

Haitian Ladies Network partnered with Haitian Bridge Alliance's Guerline Jozef and Nadine Gedeon, Esq., President of the Haitian Lawyers Associations to host a free virtual informational session about the new US Immigration Sponsorship Program this past January 24th.

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