The Haitian Ladies Network is home to a vibrant network of Haitian ladies. Immerse yourself in a friendly community where you can connect, collaborate, and honor our traditions, cultures, and achievements.


The Haitian Ladies Network is a community of Haitian women who are passionate about empowering and supporting one another. We provide a safe and inclusive space where Haitian women can connect, share, and grow.


Experience the essence of Haitian culture where you can get a true sense of Haitian culture inside a close-knit group. Make connections with like-minded women, learn about our diverse ancestry, and take part in discussions that honor the richness and beauty of our cultural origins.

Our Network

The Haitian Ladies Network® is the largest global platform connecting more than 80,000 women and girls of Haitian descent from across the U.S., Haiti, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. Based in Washington, DC, the Haitian Ladies Network® is a powerful professional and social network led by an eight-member steering committee.

We deliver a continuum of programs and convenings tailored to our members’ interests in health and wellness, professional and personal development, entrepreneurship, financial wealth-building, civic engagement, and making an impact in Haiti.

We offer year-round activities, including daily virtual engagement and programming that elevates Haitian culture and history.

A group of Haitian women seated at table smiling

Our Vision

To create the largest global platform connecting women of Haitian descent to build community, share inspiration and celebrate culture.

Two young Haitian girls at the Haitian Ladies Weekend.

Our Goals

Inspire every girl and woman of Haitian descent to achieve her life goals and lead in her community. Convene and create space for professional networking and inter-generational engagement for Haitian Ladies ages 13 to 100+. Facilitate meaningful collaboration with women in Haiti.

Our Reach


Haitian women of descent connected across the globe


Attendees of the Haitian Ladies Weekend



Haitian Ladies Weekend

Haitian Ladies Weekend convenes hundreds of women of Haitian descent each year in Washington, DC. It provides an opportunity to engage with speakers, make authentic connections, and celebrate the Haitian culture.

Latest News

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September 27, 2023
Lekòl, Legliz, Lakay: An analysis of Haitian values

Lekòl, legliz, lakay is a dogma that has been instilled in Haitian children from a young age. When translated into English, the three words mean school, church and home. These three words also represent the values that Haitians regard as the most important: education, faith, and family. As society continues to evolve, these values have started to conflict with the values of gen-z Haitian-Americans.

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January 23, 2023
Helping Haiti in 2023

Haiti has experienced political unrest, natural calamities, and economic hardships for a variety of reasons. Despite these obstacles, there are lots of ways that in 2023 we can support Haiti.

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December 15, 2022
Our Lakou Can be Stronger With Your Support

The Haitian Ladies Network® is building the largest community of Haitian women, “our lakou”. You can support our mission and vision with a tax-deductible donation. Help us raise $75K to meet our year-end goal and launch us into 2023.

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