About Haitian Ladies Network™

What is the Haitian Ladies Network™?

The Haitian Ladies Network ™ is the largest global platform connecting more than 60,000 women of Haitian descent from across the U.S., Haiti, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. Based in Washington, DC, the Haitian Ladies Network™ is a

powerful professional and social network led by a ten-member steering committee.

How do I join the Haitian Ladies Network™?

There are several ways to connect to our network

  1. Connect with us on Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.
  2. Join our private Haitian Ladies Network ™ Group on Facebook
  3. Attend the annual Haitian Ladies Weekend October 9-11, 2020 in Washington, DC
  4. Join our Mailing List to learn about official network events in your area
The Steering Committee is working to build a structure to offer official affiliation and membership. Currently there are no local official Haitian Ladies Network ™ chapters. In 2020, we will reach out to you, Haitian Ladies, to get your input and support for the Haitian Ladies Network™ expansion plans. For more, join our mailing list or email info@haitianladies.org

Is the Haitian Ladies Network™ a 501 (c) (3)?

The Haitian Ladies Network™, based in Washington, DC, is a legally registered non-profit entity governed by a volunteer, ten-member steering committee. Donations

received through our fiscal sponsor are tax-exempt. Please contact info@haitianladies.org for more info.

Is the network open to non-Haitian women?

No. Our mission to create the largest global platform connecting women of Haitian descent to build community, share inspiration and celebrate culture guides all we do to create unique spaces and engagement for women and girls of Haitian descent.

Do you have chapters outside of DC?

Not at the moment.